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Are dental implants the long-term solutions to your missing teeth?

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Dental Implants

are dental implants the long-term solutions to your missing teeth

Few of us will make it through life with a complete set of teeth. By age 50, one may have lost 12 permanent teeth to decay, gum disease, or trauma.

Losing a tooth might make people feel too self-conscious to smile or talk. Additionally, biting irregularities brought by tooth loss can have a negative effect on eating habits, leading to secondary health problems like malnutrition.

Nowadays, more and more people are getting dental implants to replace their missing teeth.

At Sayers Dental Aesthetics & Implants, we have a long-term solution to your missing teeth – dental implants Hoppers Crossing! They are even more durable and long-lasting than your natural teeth since they can’t develop cavities.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth connected directly to the jaw through a titanium root, resulting in a replacement tooth that looks, feels, and functions just like the real thing.

Unlike fixed bridges or dentures, dental implants will not affect nearby healthy teeth or lead to bone deterioration in the jaw. If properly cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime.

If you have missing teeth, and otherwise healthy gums and jawbone, you may be a qualified candidate for getting dental implants.

Here are a few reasons why dental implants are long-term solutions to your missing teeth:

Top 8 Benefits of Dental Implants

#1. Dental implants are a permanent solution

One of the main concerns with dentures is that they’ll slip off your mouth at the least expected time. With dental implants, this won’t happen since they are permanent fixtures.

The implant is placed into the jawbone during surgery, and after 2-3 months, your mouth will have completely healed, and the implant will have permanently integrated to the bone, making it very stable in your mouth.

They also perform just as well after 20 years as they did when they were first placed and aren’t prone to decay like your natural teeth.

#2. Dental implants are completely safe

There’s no risk of your dental implants loosening or falling out, and because of the treatment process there’s no damage to nearby teeth either, so you don’t risk the appearance or function of your other healthy natural teeth.

If you are nervous about having this procedure done, it can be done under sedation to remove any worries or anxiety completely.

#3. Dental implants are stronger and more durable than other types of tooth restorations.

Made from non-corrosive and durable materials, dental implants can stand even the most extreme temperatures and pressure. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last longer than any other type of conventional restorations.

#4. Dental implants promote improved eating and chewing ability

Just like natural teeth, dental implants are embedded in your jawbone. Over time, they will help preserve the jawbone and significantly reduce bone resorption. Replacing missing teeth with implants will allow you to chew your food better and speak more clearly.

#5. Dental implants improve facial and bone features

Dental implants preserve the natural tooth tissue by avoiding the need to reduce nearby teeth for conventional bridgework. They also will preserve bone and reduce resorption and deterioration that results in loss of jawbone amount.

#6. Dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth

Dental implants are made to look, feel, and function like natural teeth. In addition, implants give their wearers the confidence to smile, eat, and join social activities without worrying about their appearance or if their dentures will fall out of their mouth.

#7. No special care is necessary for a dental implant

There is no need to remove the dental implant to get it cleaned. Just like regular teeth, it’s crown can be cleaned through brushing and flossing your teeth. Because the dental implant essentially becomes a part of you, just like real teeth, it won’t slide out like dentures that sometimes cause some embarrassing moments.

You can eat your favourite food with confidence, not worrying whether your dentures might get stuck on the sticky food and get accidentally removed while you’re enjoying dinner with someone important.

#8. Dental implant cost is more worth it in the long run

Dentures are cheaper, yes, but that’s because you have to replace them after a few years. Dental implants, although a bit more expensive, are an investment since they have an average lifespan of 25 years. If you take care of them well, they may last longer than expected.

In case you didn’t know, here’s what you can expect during a dental implant procedure:

The Dental Implant Procedure in Hoppers Crossing


The first step in the procedure is the designing of an individualised treatment plan. The treatment plan addresses your specific needs and is prepared by a dental team who are skilled and experienced in oral surgery and restorative dentistry.

Next, the dental implant, which is a small titanium post, is surgically placed into the bone socket left by the missing tooth. As the jawbone heals, it integrates around the implanted metal post, attaching it securely in the jaw. The healing period can take from 6 to 12 weeks.

Once the implant has bonded to the bone, a small post – called an abutment – is fixed to the post to hold the new tooth securely. To make your new tooth, your Hoppers Crossing dentist makes impressions of your teeth and creates a model of your bite. Your new tooth is based on this model. The new tooth, called a crown, is then placed on the abutment.

Instead of putting one or more single crowns, some may have attachments on the implant that hold and support a removable denture.

Your Hoppers Crossing dentist will match the colour of the crown with your natural teeth. Because the implant is attached within the jawbone, the replacement teeth look, feel, and function just like your own natural teeth.

Smiles in Hoppers Crossing!

At Sayers Dental Aesthetics & Implants, we believe everyone deserves high-quality dentistry, and we are here to help you achieve this.

Sayers Dental Aesthetics & Implants is a multi-surgery practice caring for the oral health needs of the communities. Our focus remains on providing patients with exceptional General, Orthodontics and Implant dentistry.

We have a particular interest in implants, orthodontics, and smile rejuvenation via  Porcelain veneers, crowns, and bridges. We are also expert at dealing with unexpected dental emergencies we all dread.

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